Celtic Teachers Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers 

 1. How do I register as a supply teacher with CELTIC TEACHERS?

It's easy to register with us, just e-mail us via our contact page or give us a ring on 01656 647492 or 07828 172088. We will then send you a registration pack or arrange a meeting with you. As long as you have the relevant documentation (see Registering as a Supply Teacher) you will be ready to teach very quickly.

2. What will I need to do before I can actually teach through CELTIC TEACHERS?

Take a look at our 'Registering with us' page. You will find details of the paperwork you need to bring along when you meet us.

3. Will my level of teaching experience determine my pay?

Yes, we believe your teaching experience should be recognised and we have excellent daily rates to reflect this.

4. When will I be paid for the work that I do?

Our policy is to pay at the end of each month.

5. In what areas can I expect to work?

CELTIC TEACHERS covers Bridgend and surrounding authorities i.e. R.C.T. Neath/Port Talbot and the Vale of Glamorgan. However, you may choose to limit yourself to certain areas for practical reasons and that is no problem.

6. What if I don't want to work every day?

That's no problem, you can tell us when you will be available for work and we will do our best to accomodate you.

7. Would I be able to access help with a job application if I want to apply for one independently?

Yes, if you have been working for CELTIC TEACHERS regularly then we would be happy to offer you help. We want to see you achieve your goals.

8. Will I be able to access free training with CELTIC TEACHERS?

Yes, regular teachers will be kept informed of training events. We are committed your professional development.

It is likely that you have more questions you wish to ask. Please feel free to contact us.